2016 BMW 7 Series Press Kit

Press Kit Contents

The All-New BMW 7 Series:

  • Groundbreaking Carbon Core passenger cell 
  • World’s first Gesture Control 
  • Active Kidney Grille and Air Breather 
  • Now offering the optional 7 inch Touch Command Tablet 
  • The All- New Display Key as a standalone option 
  • Offering standard Wireless Charging and WiFi Hotspot 
  • The new iDrive 5.0 with touch screen technology 
  • Panoramic Sky Lounge LED roof, Ambiance Lighting, LED Light Carpet 
  • Largest HUD in the industry 
  • Class leading performance and luxury 
Woodcliff Lake, N.J. – EMBARGO: June 10, 2015 – 1:30 pm EDT/10:30 am PDT… Today, BMW unveiled the all-new BMW 7 Series, the brand’s flagship in its sixth generation. The 2016 BMW 7 Series sets a new benchmark in lightweight design, driving dynamics, comfort, intelligent connectivity and intuitive operation. The extensive use of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) in the structure of the passenger cell and the strategic application of lightweight design reduce weight and increase both the overall torsion strength and bending stiffness of the passenger cell. The all-new BMW 7 Series will be introduced in the US as a 740i and a 750i xDrive model featuring BMWs newest and groundbreaking technologies such as Gesture Control, Wireless Charging and the standalone option of the Display Key. An Active Kidney Grille will also be available for the first time in the US. The all-new BMW 7 Series once again sets the standard for luxury performance, delivering the highest level of driving refinement in the premium class. The 2016 BMW 7 Series will arrive in the US showrooms in the fall of 2015. The MSRP for the BMW 740i will be $82,295, the 750i Sedan is priced at $95,395 and the BMW 750i xDrive will be $98,395 including Destination and Handling.
BMW’s flagship vehicle reflects the company’s dedication to pioneer with the development of groundbreaking technology while upholding the 7 Series precedent of comfort and driving dynamics. First introduced to the U.S. market in 1978, the new BMW 7 Series will be in its sixth generation. Many features and technologies developed by BMW, introduced in previous generations of the 7 Series, set the precedent for the future. Pace-Setting Technologies such as Antilock Braking System (ABS) first appeared in the 1978 model which also was the world’s first production car to feature an electronic engine management computer (Digital Motor Electronics - DME). Illustrating segment leadership, an on-board computer (OBC) and Electronic Cruise Control set the standard for luxurious long-distance travel. The second generation, incorporated groundbreaking technologies such as Automatic Stability Control, adaptive transmission control, anti-tapping windows with express up and down on all four door windows and moonroof in addition to the world’s first use of integrated body electronics with advanced diagnostic capabilities and Xenon Headlights (750iL). Technologies such as Dynamic Stability Control, Head Protection System and on-board Navigation System with moving map, CAN Bus technology for body electronics (5 integrated control units) and the revolutionary side-impact Interlocking Door Anchoring System defined the third generation. For the first time in the US the V8 featured VALVETRONIC variable valve lift technology. In its fourth generation, BMW introduced Active Roll Stabilization (ARS) on a sedan, MOST Bus technology for body electrical with 70+ control units on common busses and infinitely variable intake manifold. For the first time, the world also benefitted from adaptive brake lights and electromechanical parking brake and electronic adaptive headlights. BMW continued with the introduction of pace-setting technologies in its fifth generation 7 Series which hit the U.S. market in 2009. Night Vision 2 with Pedestrian Detection, Integral Active Steering, Adaptive Headlights with Dynamic Headlamp Control system with sensors measuring speed, steering angle and yaw as well as “reverse flow” cylinder heads to facilitate better packaging and minimize turbo lag defined this generation. The BMW core principle of safe transportation was assured with features such as Blind Spot Detection and Lane Departure Warning system. Active Cruise Control with frontal Collision Warning System, Dynamic Damping Control and Driving Dynamic Control assured the 7 Series reputation of safe and efficient long-distance comfort.
The new 7 Series Innovative Design
The 7 Series is the BMW’s flagship when it comes to innovation in design and technology. The design of the new BMW 7 Series aligns elegance of the exterior and interior with luxurious workmanship creating harmonious proportions for a distinct look and feel. The cabin is framed by predominately horizontal surfaces and lines, presenting color and material compositions that create a relaxed ambiance.  
The all-new BMW 7 Series will be offered in the US exclusively as a long wheelbase version, more than one inch longer than its predecessor. At 206.6 inches in length, 85.4 inches in width and 58.2 inches in height, the new 7 Series is the roomiest Sedan the brand has ever built and features class leading rear seat legroom. A smoothly downward-sloping roofline, displaying familiar BMW proportions, headlined by a long hood, short overhangs, long wheelbase and set-back passenger compartment highlight a sporting elegance and powerful sense of dynamics.
With the clear structure and upright stance of its front-end, the all-new BMW 7 Series has a powerful presence. It is the brand’s first car to feature an Active Kidney Grille including visible air flap control. The air flap is only open when there is an increased cooling air requirement, otherwise remaining closed. This improves aerodynamics as well as giving the front end an even more eye-catching appearance due to the visibly increased number of bars in the large BMW kidney grille. The headlight units extend up as far as the grille, while the light graphic of the familiar BMW twin circular headlights is leveled off at its upper and lower edges, giving the car a purposeful and focused look. The hood is honed perfectly to fit in with the form of the kidney grille’s upper section. The lower air intake stretched wide across the front end, the chrome bars in the outer edges of the intake and the horizontal contours of the LED fog lamps and the full LED lights underline the car’s broad stance.
The prevalence of outward-curving surfaces when the new BMW 7 Series is viewed from the side give the car a powerful, eye-catching appearance. The door handles are incorporated into the character line, which now takes the form of a double swage line. For the first time, the wrap-around side window frame uses a single-piece element, elegantly incorporating the Hofmeister kink. The Air Breather surround in the front side fender spawns a chrome trim strip which runs along the lower edge of the doors. Its horizontal form accentuates the car’s finely balanced appearance and low center of gravity. The exterior mirrors appear to grow organically out of the window frame. A slender stalk provides the sole connection between mirrors and car body. Generating a modern and elegant effect, this design also enhances the aerodynamics of the new BMW 7 Series.
The direction of the double swage line extends into the upper contour of the body and the light strips of the rear lights. This creates a harmonious connection between the side sections and the rear end. Tail lights feature LED technology and the two L-shaped light units are connected by a chrome bar extending the full width of the trunk lid. The rear apron features exhaust tailpipes framed by chrome surrounds adding luxurious detail to the body of the new BMW 7 Series.
Two non-metallic and nine metallic color shades are available for the exterior paintwork of the new BMW 7 Series. Carbon Black Metallic and Singapore Gray Metallic can be ordered exclusively in conjunction with the M Sport package. Depending on the model variant, the all-new BMW 7 Series comes as standard with 18 inch or 19 inch wheels, while the options list and Original BMW Accessories range offer a selection of other light-alloy wheels in 18 inch to 21 inch sizes.
The balance of dynamics and comfort are reflected in the design of the interior. Unbeatable driving pleasure and an unimpeachable sense of well-being in the rear seats have been created amid a modern and at the same time luxurious ambience. From the slim paddle shifters on the steering wheel and Driving Dynamics Control buttons to the instrument cluster and Control Display graphics, all the control and display elements share a new design that highlights their innovative functionality. Features include chrome buttons on the multifunctional steering wheel and center console, the start/stop button, the electric parking brake and the touch screen surface for the control panel of the standard 4-zone Automatic Climate Control.
The controls on the center console are framed by fine wood or aluminum surfaces. Both the trim strips and the instrument panel’s chrome are made individually for each car; their dimensions are therefore matched to the nearest millimeter. The standard and optional equipment designed to create a sense of luxury is defined by precision craftsmanship. The generous levels of space are highlighted by a horizontal surface structure which extends through the door trim.  Customers can choose from five color variants for the Dakota leather on 740i variants or five Exclusive Nappa leather upholsteries available on both models.
Individual design
Design and equipment packages available from the launch of the all-new BMW 7 Series underline the car’s extra sportiness and luxurious comfort. The exclusive appearance of the new BMW 7 Series is further enhanced by the Interior Design Package, an Alcantara headliner, deep-pile rear floor mats and fine wood inlays for the seat belt outlet covers, rear center armrest and roof grab handles in the rear.
The M Sport package enables customers to experience the dynamic driving properties of the new BMW 7 Series in greater depth. This package includes an M Aerodynamic kit comprising model-specific front/rear aprons and side skirts, plus 19 inch or 20 inch M light-alloy wheels, illuminated door sill plates bearing the M logo and accents in either light or dark chrome. M-specific details also underline the sporting character of the new BMW 7 Series in the interior. These include the BMW Individual headliner in Anthracite and the M driver’s footrest.
BMW EfficientDynamics
The advances achieved with the latest generation of the BMW 7 Series succeed in resolving a number of traditionally conflicting paradigms: the car comes with an array of new innovations but weighs less, performance is more dynamic but fuel efficiency has been improved, and while it is more luxurious than ever, emissions are lower. Expanding knowledge, BMW i laid the foundation with groundbreaking BMW EfficientDynamics technology for the most diverse range of measures ever to have been implemented in a production BMW.
The complete package for enhancing driving pleasure and efficiency in the new BMW 7 Series comprises intelligent lightweight design with carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) as part of the BMW EfficientLightweight concept, a new TwinPower turbo inline 6-cylinder in the 740i engine from the BMW Group’s new generation of modular engines, in combination with innovative new solutions for honing energy management and aerodynamic properties. The use of BMW eDrive technology in the BMW 740e xDrive plug-in hybrid model constitutes yet another highlight.
The new BMW 7 Series obtains an exemplary life-cycle thanks to resource-efficient material selection, new energy-efficient production processes and recycling. In order to achieve this, tangible sustainability targets spanning the vehicle’s entire life cycle were defined in the early strategic phase of development and actively implemented throughout the development process.
BMW EfficientLightweight: reducing weight by up to 190 pounds with Carbon Core
The BMW EfficientLightweight concept allows the new BMW 7 Series line-up a 190 pounds weight reduction in comparison to its predecessor. Groundbreaking Carbon Core passenger cell technology is the key element on the body structure. Thanks to its composite construction featuring CFRP, ultra-high-tensile steels and aluminum, the intelligent body design succeeds in increasing the strength and rigidity of the passenger cell while also bringing about a substantial reduction in vehicle weight. By using a hybrid construction of CFRP with ultra-high-tensile steels for structural elements, such as those found in the B-pillars, the design of the sheet-metal components can be adapted to save weight.
The Carbon Core body is based on technology transferred from BMW i car development. The all-new BMW 7 Series is the first ever vehicle in which mass produced CFRP is used in combination with steel and aluminum. The BMW Group’s expertise in producing carbon fiber in the manufacturing of high-volume vehicles is unrivalled in the automotive sector. The new BMW flagship model pioneers the creation of new possible applications for this high-tech material.
The lightweight design concept also entails the use of aluminum for specific sections of the body and chassis. For the first time doors and the trunk lid are made of aluminum. Taking suspension comfort and dynamic handling to new levels, the rigorous implementation of lightweight design measured at the suspension, brakes and wheels, reduced the unsprung masses by as much as 15 percent. Lightweight bonding technologies have been employed with near-source thermal and acoustic shielding for the engine, which enables the overall volume and weight of the insulating material to be reduced. The innovative insulation concept has the additional effect of further improving acoustic comfort.
As a result, the vehicle’s center of gravity has been lowered. Following BMW tradition the weight distribution remains 50 : 50 between the two axles allowing for perfect balance of the chassis. BMW EfficientLightweight technology helps to consolidate its lead with dynamic handling and comfort.
Redeveloped V8 engine and intelligent all-wheel drive
The engine line-up available at the launch of the new BMW 7 Series range is spearheaded by the BMW 750i xDrive and its powerful V8 engine. This engine features a 4.4 liter displacement and BMW TwinPower Turbo technology with the turbochargers located within the V-shaped space between the banks of cylinders. This redesigned V8 engine now comes equipped with TwinScroll turbochargers featuring flow-separated, bank-specific exhaust manifolds made from thin-wall castings. Engine efficiency was increased with a change in the compression ratio from 10.0:1 to 10.5:1 and the latest generation of VALVETRONIC and Double-VANOS technology. The optimized engine cooling concept with separate flows through the cylinder heads and cylinder liners includes a map-controlled coolant pump. Throughput can be restricted to 10 percent to warm up the engine faster reducing energy consumption. For the first time in a production car the intake manifold has been partially integrated into the cylinder head allowing air-flow resistance to be decreased, maximizing air-flow volume while reducing the exterior packaging dimensions. Overall, the efficiency factor of the 445 hp engine has been greatly improved.
The new V8 engine is teamed up with the latest version of the intelligent all-wheel-drive system in the all-new BMW 750i xDrive. The fully variable, electronically controlled power split between front and rear wheels enhances traction and stability as well as the handling dynamics in corners. As part of the xDrive system’s ongoing development, the transfer case has been made more efficient, thanks in part to an optimized oil supply.
The inline 6-cylinder engine in the BMW 740i
The inline 6-cylinder engine with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology fitted in the new BMW 740i comes from the BMW Group’s latest generation of engines. The 3.0-liter gasoline unit of the BMW 740i produces an output of 320 hp. The new engine’s crankcase, cylinder head and oil sump are all made from aluminum. The TwinScroll turbocharger features an indirect system of charge air cooling that is incorporated into the intake manifold and works in unison with High Precision Direct Injection, the very latest version of VALVETRONIC and Double-VANOS variable camshaft timing. Not only has the efficiency of the new inline 6-cylinder engine been increased, its response is even more spontaneous.
The BMW 740e xDrive plug-in hybrid model
The 740e xDrive joins the BMW plug-in hybrid (PHEV) model lineup which will be available in 2016.The forward-looking character of the new BMW 7 Series is further underlined by the inclusion of the BMW 740e xDrive. In the case of the plug-in hybrid model, it’s not just the Carbon Core for the passenger cell that is rooted in the know-how gleaned from the development of BMW i cars, but also the BMW eDrive powertrain technology. The intelligently controlled interaction between a 2.0-liter gasoline engine with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology and an electric drive unit integrated into the eight-speed Steptronic transmission, endows the BMW 740e xDrive with dynamic acceleration on the one hand and noticeably higher fuel efficiency with lower emissions figures in everyday driving. The energy for the electric motor is drawn from a lithium-ion high-voltage battery housed underneath the rear seat where it is particularly well protected in the event of a crash. It can be recharged by connecting to any standard domestic power socket, a BMW i Wallbox or a public charging station. The eDrive button on the center console enables the driver to adjust the hybrid drive’s operating mode. In the AUTO eDrive basic setting, the engine’s power is boosted to notable effect by the electric drive when accelerating. With the MAX eDrive mode engaged, the BMW 740e xDrive is able to run purely on electric power, meaning zero local emissions at speeds of up to (75 mph) for a maximum range of 23 miles. The driver is also able to select the Battery Control mode, which raises or maintains the high-voltage battery’s state of charge so that electrical power can be deliberately conserved. Whenever route guidance is active in the navigation system, the predictive power management function calculates a trip-specific strategy for electric driving through to the entered destination.
Eight-speed Steptronic Sport Automatic transmission linked-up with navigation system
The standard-equipment eight-speed Sport Automatic Steptronic transmission serves to boost efficiency with its wider ratio spread, reduced weight and optimized efficiency. A new transmission control system makes for more comfortable shifting and allows the transmission to be linked up with the standard Navigation system. The navigation-data-based shift strategy means that the gear selection can be adapted to the driving situation and the route profile even if route guidance has not been set. The shift characteristics are adjusted in accordance with the selected driving mode, so that the emphasis can be placed on both driving comfort and sportiness. The transmission also includes paddle shifters on the steering wheel and a Launch Control function that allows acceleration runs from standstill with maximum power and optimum traction.
Features such as Brake Energy Regeneration and the Auto Start Stop function ensure highly efficient energy management. Activating the ECO PRO mode with the Driving Dynamics Control switch allows use of the coasting function which decouples the powertrain in coasting phases while travelling at speeds between (31 – 100 mph). This mode’s range of functions which are now individually programmable for the first time additionally include efficiency oriented operation of comfort functions, efficiency tips, as well as the Route-ahead Assistant, which gives recommendations for an efficient driving style based on the navigation data.
The all new Air Breather and Active Kidney Grille
The new Active Kidney Grille optimizes engine cooling and aerodynamics. Whenever additional cooling air is required, the Active Kidney Grille bars and flaps in the lower air intake automatically swing open. This feature tailors the amount of air for cooling the engine and brakes in a total of five stages as demands dictate. This system activates depending on several temperature thresholds as well as the speed of the vehicle. For instance during the warming-up phase and when operating at low loads, the BMW Active Kidney Grille is closed completely to maximize the aerodynamic efficiency of the vehicle.
Another distinctive efficiency-enhancing feature are the Air Curtains and Air Breather in the front apron and side fenders. The Air Curtain accelerates the energy-rich air flow before the front apron and guides it past the side of the wheel arch while the Air Breather guides the air flow into the front wheel arch via a vertical air inlet through the side fender. Together they provide more efficient aerodynamics allowing air to be carefully directed out of the wheel arches reducing the turbulence around the wheels. The reduction in air drag of over 15 percent compared to the predecessor models has also been achieved thanks to the cladding covering almost the entire underbody as well as the new contouring of the exterior mirrors.
Chassis technology and driving experience
Highly sophisticated, precision-honed chassis technology combined with 50 : 50 weight distribution and chassis control systems give the new BMW 7 Series both sharper driving dynamics and ride comfort.
The latest array of innovations offers drivers more freedom of choice for configuring the ideal vehicle set-up, which means they can now opt for even sportier handling or yet greater ride comfort. The selection is made using the standard Driving Dynamics Control switch. At a touch of a switch adaptive control of the vehicle set-up, mirroring current driving style and the changing route profile can be selected.
Air suspension and Dynamic Damper Control as standard
The all new BMW 7 Series features double-wishbone front suspension, five-link rear suspension and Electric Power Steering combine responsiveness and performance. The standard inclusion of a front and rear self-leveling air suspension endows the luxury sedan models with ride comfort. The suspension is supplied with air by an electrically powered compressor with pressure reservoir. Even when the engine is switched off, the height of the vehicle body is adjusted to keep it at a constant level and air supply is controlled individually for each wheel, compensating for an unevenly distributed load.
The level control can be operated manually, allowing the vehicle’s ride height to be raised by 20 millimeters when driving along a rough stretch of road or approaching a particularly steep driveway. At speeds above approximately 22 mph, the level control automatically reverts to its standard setting. When SPORT mode is activated with the Driving Dynamics Control switch, on the other hand, the ride height automatically drops by 10 millimeters when travelling at high speed.
The advantages of the air suspension in the front and rear are enhanced thanks to the standard Dynamic Damper Control system. The electronically controlled dampers improve ride and suspension comfort adding to the sedan’s dynamic handling qualities. A variety of modes can be engaged using the Driving Dynamics Control switch, which serve to foster all driving experience such as driving comfort (COMFORT, COMFORT+ modes) or sporty, agile handling (SPORT mode).
Premiere for Active Comfort Drive with Road Preview
The levels of comfort, dynamism and effortlessly superior performance can be elevated further with an equipment option that is making its debut in the all-new BMW 7 Series: Active Comfort Drive with Road Preview. This active chassis control system which is available for all models with the exception of the BMW 740e xDrive, works in unison with the front and rear air suspension and the Dynamic Damper Control to achieve a remarkable standard  of suspension, damping and driving comfort. It comprises the newly refined version of the Dynamic Drive system for reducing rolling movement at the front and rear suspensions. For the first time, active roll stabilization is now carried out electromechanically, minimizing body-roll tendencies when needed, providing light-footed sporty handling while increasing driving safety and ride comfort. Driving straight, the adjustable anti-roll bars are set to allow the suspension system the greatest possible freedom of movement for increased comfort. The comfort-enhancing effect is heightened by the standard air suspension. The new system is also more energy efficient compared to the previous hydraulic control.
Beyond all this, Active Comfort Drive also incorporates an anticipatory chassis control function with Road Preview. The advance information for regulating the combination of chassis systems utilizes the driving style analysis readings derived from the data from the navigation system to help respond to the road.
Redesigned Integral Active Steering
The Integral Active Steering system is available as optional equipment for the new BMW 7 Series. The planetary gear set previously used at the front has given way to a variable steering rack ratio which means that the Integral Active Steering can now also be offered in conjunction with BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive. By turning the rear wheels in either the opposing or the same direction when steering, depending on the specific driving situation, this system is capable of increasing both maneuverability in urban traffic and agility during high-paced driving, while also ensuring an especially smooth and composed response when changing lane and cornering.
Driving Dynamics Control switch with ADAPTIVE mode for the first time
For the first time, an ADAPTIVE mode can also be selected in the new BMW 7 Series via the standard Driving Dynamics Control switch. With this setting activated, the vehicle set-up is matched to the current driving style and changing route profile. The system logic reacts to movement of the accelerator and steering wheel factoring in whether the gear selector switch is in the D or S position. Depending on the driving situation, the powertrain and chassis systems are configured for either sporty or comfortable performance. Navigation map data is also taken into account in order to select the ideal vehicle set-up, for instance when switching from urban driving to the highway on winding roads or when approaching an intersection.
The Driving Dynamics Control switch located on the center console now sports a new design. The COMFORT, SPORT, ECO PRO and ADAPTIVE modes can all be activated directly at the push of a button, while the COMFORT button also has the COMFORT+ mode stored. Drivers have the option of programming an individual configuration for the SPORT and ECO PRO modes via the iDrive operating system. This makes it possible to combine dynamic gear shift characteristics and direct steering response with comfort-oriented damper tuning, for example, when SPORT mode is engaged. In ECO PRO mode, it is now also possible to individually program the damper control and steering characteristics while the extent of the efficiency-enhancing settings can also be modified.
Operation, interior and travel comfort
The arrival of the latest generation of the BMW flagship takes interior design, functionality and passenger well-being to yet greater heights. The new BMW 7 Series once again is a trail blazer for technology, this time with intuitive operation. The iDrive system has been re-designed to enhance comfort and infotainment functions for driver and passengers. The luxurious ambience is achieved by the utilization of fine materials, craftsmanship and attention to detail that can be sensed from all seats. Travel comfort is taken into a new dimension by the Rear Executive Lounge Seating Package, which redefines the meaning of long-distance comfort in a luxury car.
iDrive 5.0 with touch display and Gesture Control
The iDrive operating system is now available with touch screen technology offered in conjunction with the standard Navigation system. Operating the iDrive has become easier via the touch screen technology. Voice command and actual button selection is also available.
The iDrive system also works in conjunction with standard Gesture Control, which is being premiered in the new BMW 7 Series. Pre-selected hand movements in the vicinity of the center console allow 3D sensors to register and fulfill requested actions. Gestures to adjust the audio volume control, accept or reject incoming phone calls can be easily executed. There is also a configurable gesture whose associated function can be customized from a selection of possible functions, such as navigation to the home address or deactivation of the screen. Gesture Control can be used as an alternative to conventional means of operation without the need for separate activation. The availability of this control method is indicated in applicable situations by a corresponding icon in the Control Display.
Dynamic Digital Instrument Cluster, touch control, Wireless Charging
The standard-Dynamic Digital Instrument Cluster has a 12.3-inch display area, which alters the graphics and color scheme used for the cockpit gauges matching the mode selected with the Driving Dynamics Control switch. In COMFORT mode, the instrument cluster display features a classic four-dial arrangement, with a magnifier function to highlight the current speed. When ECO PRO mode is activated, the rev counter turns into the EfficientDynamics gauge, which indicates how to maximize efficiency and how the journey is progressing. And with SPORT mode engaged, the entire speedometer is pared down to display just the essential information. The speed and selected gear appear as large digital readouts.
The all-new 7 Series features standard four-zone automatic climate control and a separate control console in the rear. The control panels now feature a touch-sensitive surface. The intensity of the ventilation, the seat climate control functions as well as the fragrance system can all be controlled by touching on-screen buttons. New comfort focused features also included heated front and rear armrests, which heat the armrests in both the doors and the front and rear center consoles, a hands-free phone system complete with Bluetooth audio streaming and USB port is included as standard on the new BMW 7 Series. A universal holder compatible with a range of cell phones with Wireless Charging comes standard. The Wireless Charging feature includes a holder in the center console with LED charge status display along with a second microphone to optimize the hands-free functionality for the front passenger.
Luxury Seating Comfort and Rear Executive Lounge Seating
The Luxury Rear Seating Package including Rear Ventilated and Comfort Seats, Heated Front and Rear Armrests and a 7 inch Touch Command Tablet provides unrivalled seating comfort. The massage function for the comfort seats offers a choice of eight programs, each with three different levels of intensity, which are designed to relax and stimulate the muscles in targeted regions of the body. In the rear, passengers can indulge in the Vitality Program. Specifically designed for new BMW 7 Series, the passengers can engage in active training to revitalize the body on longer journeys. The training program instructions are displayed on the Rear-seat entertainment system screens.
The optional Rear Executive Lounge Seating Package provides additional travel comfort in the rear seat behind the front passenger seat. The backrest can be reclined to an angle of up to 42.5 degrees, allowing the seat to be moved into a relaxing position. To offer the passenger in the rear even greater legroom, the front passenger seat can be slid forward by an extra 90 millimeters /3.5 inches and its backrest tilted all the way forward. For a completely unobstructed view to the front, the head restraint can be folded down. An electrically operated fold-out footrest can be found on the back of the front passenger seat. The Rear-seat entertainment system screen can also be electrically adjusted to the ideal viewing angle for the rear passenger. The Executive Lounge rear center console also features a fold-out table, two cupholders and a storage compartment, as well as the new BMW 7 inch Touch Command Tablet.
Touch Command Tablet: perfectly connected with the vehicle
The removable BMW Touch Command Tablet features a 7 inch screen and lets the occupants control comfort functions such as seat adjustment, interior lighting and air conditioning, as well as the infotainment, navigation and communication system. The Touch Command Tablet can play external audio and video files, surfing the internet or be used as a games console. A WiFi hotspot built into the vehicle provides the necessary online connectivity. Selection made on the tablet will then play on one of the 10-inch screens of the Rear-seat entertainment system.
Ambiance light, Ambiance highlight, Panoramic Sky Lounge LED Roof
The exclusive atmosphere inside the all-new BMW 7 Series can be further accentuated by a precision-crafted lighting design. The standard Ambiance lighting provides harmonious indirect illumination in the near of the instrument panel, the door beltlines, the map pockets on the front seat backs, and in the foot wells. Courtesy lights and illuminated bars on the door sills provide additional light. There is a choice of six different color variants for the lighting effects, which can be selected in the iDrive menu. The LED Light Carpet incorporated into the side skirts produces eye-catching lighting graphics in the entrance/exit area of the vehicle.
When specified with the optional roller sunblind’s for the rear side windows and rear window, the new BMW 7 Series is additionally equipped with the Ambiance Light Pillar. Vertically arranged light sources in the B-pillar area illuminate the rear compartment. The intensity of the lighting can be adjusted by means of contact sensors, as well as from either the iDrive menu or through BMW Touch Command.
The new BMW 7 Series comes standard with a two-section Panoramic moonroof with an opening front section. An optional Panoramic Sky Lounge LED Roof where the light emitted by LED modules along the sides is spread evenly throughout the glass surface. At night, etchings in the moonroof glass strikes an imprinted graphic creating the effect of a starlit sky available in six different color schemes.
The optional Ambient Air package features options to ionize the air or fragrance the vehicle interior with selected scents, both of which can be controlled from the air conditioning control console or the iDrive menu. There are three levels of intensity and 8 scents to choose from.
Perfect listening pleasure: Bowers & Wilkins Diamond surround sound system
Designed for the new BMW 7 Series, the optional Bowers & Wilkins Diamond surround sound system is the first of its kind: a sound system featuring studio-grade acoustic technologies providing exceptional sound experience never before seen in a production car. Diamond tweeter technology original created for studios has now been incorporated to BMW’s flagship. A fully active 10-channel amplifier with an output of 1,400 watts and 16 partially illuminated speakers, featuring Kevlar® midrange speakers, Rohacell® central bass subwoofer and 3 unique diamond tweeters with Nautilus technology built in the most strict laboratory conditions, produce an exceptionally precise and wonderfully rich sound in the cabin. In the process, dynamic sound equalizing with three analogue crossovers ensures uniform acoustic performance delivered to all seats. The system also enables the sound settings to match the selected entertainment genre. The new BMW 7 Series offers a selection of five acoustic options to allow customers a custom sound experiences.
BMW ConnectedDrive in the new BMW 7 Series
The BMW 7 Series has always been a trailblazer in the field of intelligent connectivity. This top-of-the-line BMW model range pioneered landmark innovations such as the onboard computer with outside temperature display back in 1980, Park Distance Control in 1997 and a built-in navigation system in 1994. The latest innovations, once again takes comfort, safety and the infotainment experience to unbeatable levels in the highly competitive premium luxury segment. The all-new BMW 7 Series is offered with a wide range of all-new or optimized assistance systems including semi-automated driving systems. Also, unmatched by any other brand in the world is the number of functions that can be integrated in the car using Apps, either via the built-in SIM card or a smartphone and operated using the iDrive control system.
Courtesy of the embedded BMW ConnectedDrive Services SIM card the Advanced Real Time Traffic Information function are part of the standard Navigation System. The SIM card also allows over-the-air automatic navigation map updates free of charge for the first three years after the vehicle is first registered. Intelligent connectivity in the new BMW 7 Series also supports interactive traffic sign updating which is new in the auto industry. Images of roadside traffic signs recorded by the optional Speed Limit Info camera, along with their position data, are relayed anonymously to a BMW server, which then makes any necessary changes to keep the map database up-to-date at all times. BMW 7 Series drivers who activate this function are helping to keep the navigation database accurate, reliable and up-to-date not only for themselves but also for all BMW ConnectedDrive customers.
BMW Head-Up Display: optimized graphics, larger projection area
The new-generation BMW Head-Up Display acts as a highly effective aid to driver concentration as it presents a broad range of information in graphical format on the windshield into the driver’s field of view. This system, which is standard on 750i models, projects information about road speed, speed limits, Check Control messages, status and warning messages from other assistance systems, turn-by-turn directions and telephone and entertainment menus directly into the driver’s field of vision, where they can be read without looking away from the road. The new-generation Head-Up Display comes with a 75 percent larger projection area, while the displayed information and images offer further improved quality and detail with graphics in full color.
New generation BMW Parking Assistant
The new version of the optional Parking Assistant makes light work of selecting and maneuvering not just into parallel parking spaces but now also into perpendicular parking spots. It controls the entire maneuver into the parking space, including all the necessary steering, gear-shifting, acceleration and braking operations. Active Park Distance Control also assists the driver during manual reversing maneuvers. If needed, this feature autonomously brakes the vehicle helping prevent collisions with obstacles to the rear of the vehicle.
Active Driving Assistant and Active Driving Assistant Plus
The optional Active Driving Assistant safety package has now been extended to include Rear Crossing Traffic warning. These functions use data supplied by sensors at either side of the rear of the vehicle, Rear Crossing Traffic warning, assists drivers when backing out of parking spots in situations where there is a poor visibility. Audible and a visual alerts in the Central Information Display warn the driver. With the rearview camera, the extended view of the traffic situation behind the vehicle is shown in the Central Information Display. The Active Driving Assistant package also includes the Frontal Collision Warning and Pedestrian Warning with Light City braking function, Active Blind Spot Detection, Lane Departure Warning and Speed Limit Info. The Active Driving Assistant Plus package also includes, Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function and Front Crossing Traffic warning, Traffic Jam assistant and Active Lane keeping assistant with Side Collision protection. These functions use a stereo camera and front and side radar sensors to detect lane markings, preceding vehicles or approaching side or rear traffic. At speeds up to 130 mph they provide comfort-enhancing steering assistance to help drivers stay in lane or follow the preceding vehicle. The various systems can also help prevent collisions with approaching side or rear traffic during a lane change. The Traffic Jam assistant also ensures more relaxed, stress-free driving in stop-go traffic. This semi-automated driving function provides comfort-enhancing steering assistance whenever the driver has at least one hand on the steering wheel.
Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function has also been extended. When this system is active, drivers can simply press a button to acknowledge speed restrictions detected by Speed Limit Info. The speed setting is then adapted to comply with the detected speed limit.
BMW Night Vision, 3D Surround View
Night driving safety can be enhanced with the standard Adaptive LED headlights for maximized high-beam usage and optional BMW Night Vision. The Night Vision system which includes pedestrian and animal protection relays a real-time image to the Central Information Display highlighting people, larger animals and other heat-radiating objects. The new generation of the Surround View system can now show not only a Top View mode but also a 3D View mode, as well as a Panorama View showing side traffic in front and behind the vehicle. The 3D View mode uses the Central Information Display to show the vehicle and its environment from various perspectives to aid safe maneuvering in confined, low-visibility situations.
Body and safety: Strong, comfortable, proactive
The innovative lightweight design concept behind the new BMW 7 Series’ body structure with Carbon Core makes significant advances not just in terms of weight optimization but also in enhancing the strength and stiffness of the passenger compartment structure. The integral safety concept comprises not only highly resilient supporting architecture but also generous deformation zones and precisely defined load paths that ensure forces generated in an impact are diverted and absorbed ensuring occupant safety.
Reliable protection in all conceivable impact situations is also guaranteed by comprehensive safety equipment featuring front and side airbags, head/curtain airbags for the front and rear seats, active head restraints, three-point inertia-reel seat belts with belt force limiters and belt tensioners in the front seats, as well as ISOFIX child seat mountings in the rear. If a collision threatens, the standard Active Protection system activates the belt tensioners and, if necessary, closes the side windows and the moonroof. The seat backrests are also brought into an upright position to ensure the restraint systems work optimally.
Variable and convenient use of the trunk
The new BMW 7 Series also underlines its credentials as a vehicle for luxury long-distance travel with its spacious, convenient and variable-use luggage compartment. Under the standard electrically operated trunk lid a broad, level load space opens up offering luggage capacity of 18.2 ft³ (SAE). The standard through-loading system provides an aperture into the cabin measuring 8 inches wide and 9.5 centimeters high.
Standard Comfort Access, which includes hands-free opening and closing of the trunk lid, is available on all model variants. The feature is activated by moving a foot under the rear apron, facilitating the loading and unloading of bulky items. The Automatic Soft Close function for the doors is also included as standard equipment.
BMW Ultimate Benefits
The new BMW 7 Series sets new benchmarks in its class for a luxurious and convenient ownership experience with enhanced BMW Ultimate Benefits now expanding to vehicle services. A time saving service, providing white glove treatment, priority status and priceless BMW access to 7 Series customers that is unprecedented in this segment. The Ultimate Benefits programs encompass Encore Delivery, Priority Service appointments, Vehicle Pick up and drop off, a comparable Service Loaner in the interim, Ultimate Vehicle Spa Treatment and 24/7 Concierge Service.
Encore Delivery provides a one-on-one experience with a BMW Genius dedicated to answering all questions about features of the customer’s new vehicle. This second delivery is scheduled at a time of convenience and at the customer’s preferred location.
Priority Service Appointments allow for prioritized service appointments, scheduled within 48 hours of the owner’s initial request and at their convenience. The customer also has the option to participate in an exclusive Vehicle Pick Up and Drop Off service, at a customer’s preferred location. The new 7 Series customer also benefits from a complimentary vehicle spa treatment, at their convenience. A 24/7 Concierge will be available to assist with mobility services and other ownership related inquiries. A guaranteed and comparable Service Loaner vehicle will be provided when needed to assure convenience at all times.
BMW Individual Design Composition for the new BMW 7 Series
The technology, design and equipment of the sixth generation 7 Series illustrate examples of the leadership role played by the flagship model in the global automotive marketplace. The BMW Individual program created for the latest edition of the luxury sedan provides the opportunity to combine technological highlights with the vehicle design that is precision-tailored to his or her personal style. Interior and exterior features meet the highest quality standards attainable in car manufacturing in terms of design, material selection and quality of workmanship. Exterior colors, exclusive light-alloy wheels, wood and leather variants can be customized to customer’s preference. Additional customer requests can be made through BMW Individual.
The market launch of the new BMW 7 Series will be accompanied by a BMW Individual Design Composition featuring the 750i xDrive with a perfectly harmonious combination of colors and materials. The new BMW Individual paint, Almandine Brown metallic, in combination with the premium features of the exterior design accent package; it emphasizes the characteristic surface, sculpting and bodywork lines. Sporting elegance is achieved with the 20-inch forged BMW Individual light-alloy wheels in V-spoke design that comes in Silver/Ferric Grey bi-color look with performance tires.
For the first time, BMW Individual fine-grain Merino full leather in Tartufo is being offered. The leather upholstery is carefully selected from unblemished raw materials which are processed using particularly gentle techniques that assure the softest texture. As a result, the leather used for the seats, door trim panels, lower instrument panel section, center console, armrests and door pulls retains its natural open-pore structure. The soft, fine-grain surfaces remain breathable and provide supreme comfort. Hand-woven piping and woven-look quilting on the seat surfaces lend expression to the precision workmanship and love of detail that defines the production process. To match this, the floor covering and floor mats, seat belts and BMW Individual Alcantara headliner also come in Tartufo. The harmonious and stylish ambience is capped by door sills with illuminated BMW Individual lettering, BMW Individual interior trim strips in Piano Finish Black and a BMW Individual leather steering wheel with fine-wood applications in the same finish.
Designworks, BMW’s California based design studio and consultancy offers a BMW Individual Consultation program where clients work directly with a Designworks designer to commission their very own BMW. Lead designer, Sandy McGill and the design team consult in-house or via the phone, to provide the best possible experience for BMW customers.
During the consultation sessions, clients are provided with image concepts as well as color, leather and trim samples they can touch and feel. Designworks represents the perfect platform for creating a customized BMW Individual vehicle as it provides access to professional designers that work hand-in-hand with clients throughout the commissioning processes.
Production: Consolidated expertise ensures quality and sustainability
Since 1977, BMW 7 Series luxury sedans have been rolling off the assembly lines at the BMW Group Plant in Dingolfing. The sixth generation is also being built at Plant Dingolfing which, as the center of competence for lightweight construction, plays an important role in the production of the all-new BMW 7 Series. For example, the aluminum bodies for Rolls-Royce models are produced in Dingolfing, as are drive and chassis components for other BMW production plants and supplies both the aluminum chassis and the high-voltage batteries – along with other electric drive components – for the BMW i models which are assembled at BMW Group Plant Leipzig.
Plant Dingolfing has accumulated experience of innovative production methods for weight-optimized vehicle components. As part of the BMW’s EfficientLightweight program the new BMWs lightweight Carbon Core-based body of the all-new BMW 7 Series benefits from the knowledge and process available. During production a unique hybrid construction method is being applied that combines carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) with aluminum as well as ultra-high-strength steels for structural elements in the passenger cell. The latest generation of the luxury sedans also benefit from the direct application of highly advanced drive technology. The high-voltage battery for the BMW 740e xDrive plug-in hybrid model will likewise come from Dingolfing.
Unique Carbon Core body structure
For the first time, CFRP combined with steel and aluminum is being used in the body structure of the new BMW 7 Series with a completely new production processes applied in this unique mixed-material construction. The CFRP roof frame is being built for the first time as a core-free, closed structural element, bringing both the extreme strength of the material as well as its weight advantage fully to bear. The use of high-tech CFRP and the innovative production methods enhance the torsional stiffness of the passenger cell and lowers the vehicle’s center of gravity. The combination of ultra-high-tensile and hot-stamped steels in conjunction with CFRP for safety-related parts of the body benefits safety and driving dynamics.  During the paint process, the drying method and temperature management are adapted to the specific requirements of the new material mix.
CFRP production using water power, extensive use of recycled materials
At the core of the all-new 7 Series production process is the principle of resource-saving processes and maximum possible sustainability across the vehicles life-cycle. Energy requirements for the manufacture of carbon fiber are 100 percent covered by renewable resources, with hydropower providing the electricity for the carbon fiber plant in Moses Lake, Washington. Innovative recycling processes are applied allowing CFRP components to derive from spare processed material. Around 50 percent of the aluminum used in cast components of the new BMW 7 Series comprises secondary material. Modern methods of secondary aluminum are available, with the recycled light alloy displaying the same attributes as the original material. On the thermoplastics front, some 20 percent of the material used is recycled. The inner lining of the trunk lid and parts of the door trim are made from the natural fiber kenaf.
More than nine million premium vehicles built worldwide
BMW Group Plant Dingolfing began building cars for the premium brand in 1973. Since then, more than nine million vehicles have rolled off the production lines. The plant currently employs 17,500 staff and 800 trainees. The production of the all-new BMW 7 Series, BMW 5 Series,  BMW 6 Series, BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe, BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo and the BMW M5, as well as all body styles of the BMW M6 allow for approximately 1,600 units a day.
 The all-new BMW 7 Series
        740i 750i xDrive
Seats -- 5 5
Number of Doors -- 4 4
Vehicle length inch 206.6 206.6
Vehicle width inch 74.9 74.9
Width including mirrors inch 85.4 85.4
Vehicle height inch 58.2 58.2
Wheelbase inch 126.4 126.4
Overhang front inch 35 35
Rear overhang inch 45.2 45.2
Ground clearance inch 5.3 5.3
Turning circle ft 42 42.3
Legroom front inch 41.4 41.4
Legroom 2nd row inch 44.4 44.4
Shoulder room front inch 59.2 59.2
Shoulder room rear inch 57.7 57.7
Headroom front with Moonroof inch 39.9 39.9
Maximum headroom 2st row with Moonroof inch 38.9 38.9
Trunk volume (SAE) ft³ 18.2 18.2
US Tank capacity [gallons] gal 20.6 20.6
Rear Weight distribution (empty car) % 48.4 45.7
US Curb weight [lbs] lbs 4225 4610
US Gross vehicle weight lbs 5450 5870
US Payload lbs 960 960
US Axle load limit of the front lbs 2585 2900
US Axle load limit of the rear lbs 3030 3140
Config/No of cyls/valves -- in line/6/4 V90/8/4
Fuel management -- DME 8.6 DME 8.8
Engine Technology -- BMW TwinPower Turbo BMW TwinPower Turbo
Turbo Type     Twinscroll Twinscroll
Stroke mm 94.6 88.3
Bore mm 82 89
Displacement cm³ 2998 4395
Compression rate :1 11 10.5
Engine power [bHP] bHP 320 445
at rpm 1/min 5200-6500 5500-6000
Engine torque lb-ft 330 480
at rpm 1/min 1380 1800-4500
Emission classification (type-certified) -- ULEV ULEV
    740i 750i xDrive
Transmission type -- 8HP50 8HP75
Gear ratios      
1st -- 5 5
2nd -- 3.2 3.2
3rd -- 2.143 2.143
4th -- 1.72 1.72
5th -- 1.314 1.313
6th -- 1 1
7th -- 0.822 0.823
8th -- 0.64 0.64
Reverse gear -- 3.456 3.478
Final drive ratio -- 3.077 2.813
Top speed mph 130 130
Top speed opt (mph) mph 155 155
0-60 mph s 5.4 4.3
Suspension type front -- double wishbone axle double wishbone axle
Rear suspension -- five-link suspension five-link suspension
Steering type -- rack-and-pinion rack-and-pinion
Power-steering -- EPS EPS
Steering transmission, overall :1 16.9 16.9
Front brake -- disc ventilated disc ventilated
Rear brake -- disc ventilated disc ventilated
Front tires -- 245/50 R18 245/45 R19
Front rims -- 8J x 18 LM 8,5J x 19 LM
Rear tires -- 245/50 R18 245/45 R19
Rear rims -- 8J x 18 LM 8,5J x 19 LM
Track front [inch] inch 63.5 63.4
Rear track [inch] inch 64.6 64.6
Cx -- 0.27 0.28
Generator amperage A 180 250
Alternator output W 2520 3500
Battery Capacity (low voltage) Ah 105 105
System voltage (low voltage) V 12 12

For More Information as well as images and video:

BMW Group In America
BMW of North America, LLC has been present in the United States since 1975.  Rolls-Royce Motor Cars NA, LLC began distributing vehicles in 2003.  The BMW Group in the United States has grown to include marketing, sales, and financial service organizations for the BMW brand of motor vehicles, including motorcycles, the MINI brand, and the Rolls-Royce brand of Motor Cars; Designworks, a strategic design consultancy based in California; a technology office in Silicon Valley and various other operations throughout the country.  BMW Manufacturing Co., LLC in South Carolina is part of BMW Group’s global manufacturing network and is the exclusive manufacturing plant for all X5 and X3 Sports Activity Vehicles and X6 and X4 Sports Activity Coupes.  The BMW Group sales organization is represented in the U.S. through networks of 339 BMW passenger car and BMW Sports Activity Vehicle centers, 148 BMW motorcycle retailers, 122 MINI passenger car dealers, and 36 Rolls-Royce Motor Car dealers.  BMW (US) Holding Corp., the BMW Group’s sales headquarters for North America, is located in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey.
Journalist note: Information about BMW and its products in the USA is available to journalists on-line at www.bmwusanews.com.